1. I haven’t received my purchase receipt. When will I receive it?

It can take up to 30 minutes for your purchase receipt to arrive. If the email is still missing, and it is not in your spam folder or Promotions tab, it might indicate that you have had a typo in your email address when purchasing. Or it might be possible that there is some delay in email delivery from the email server. Write to us at support@falgunithemes.com and we will resolve it as soon as possible. Please include an alternative email address in your message, in case your server is blocking us.

2. How to install a theme  ?

Download the theme package (yourtheme.zip) file from the link sent in your purchase receipt. Once you have downloaded the theme’s zip file, go to your WordPress website admin page and perform the following steps:

1.     Log in to the WordPress Dashboard.
2.     Select the Appearance panel, then Themes.
3.     Select Add New.
4.     Use the Upload Theme link in the top links row to upload a zipped copy of the theme, that you have previously downloaded to your machine.
5.     Once the zip file gets uploaded to your website, click on Activate link to activate the theme.

For an in-depth documentation about WordPress theme manual installation, read the official WordPress.org documentation.

3. How to add license key?

License Key Settings:

To setup license key, your theme must be the active theme on your WordPress site. So first activate the theme for which you want to add license key.

You will receive a license key along with your purchase confirmation. As long as license key is active, you to get automatic updates for the purchased WordPress theme.

To license your theme :
1. Go to Appearance > Theme license.
2. Paste your license key in the textbox.
3. Save and activate license key and you’re done.

4. How to translate Nisarg PRO theme to your local language ?

The Nisarg PRO theme is translation ready. You can translate all the strings used in the theme to your local language, To translate the theme to your local language,  you need to  use POEDIT software.

The steps to translate the NisargPRO theme to your local language using POEDIT are as follows:

  1. Unzip the nisargpro.zip file you downloaded from the purchase receipt. The file unzip will create a nisargpro folder.
  2. Download and Install POEDIT on your local machine.
  3. Open Poedit and select Create new translation.
  4. A new window will pop up, select the nisargpro.pot file from nisargpro folder. A Theme’s default translation template is located in nisargpro/languages/nisargpro.pot.Select nisargpro.pot file
  5. Next, from a dropdown menu ( for selecting language of translation), select a language you want to translate your theme to. You are ready to translate your theme now.
  6. Now you can start translating your theme. The space at the top will display all the text ready to translate, and any completed translations will display to the right. The boxes underneath show the source text you’ve selected to translate, your translation and any notes for translators. It’s easy to cycle through the text and enter your translations.
  7. Translating a line of text is really easy – just select a word or phrase, enter your translation and click “Update.”
  8. When you’ve finished translating, simply save your file. Poedit will automatically create both .po and .mo files in your theme’s languages folder.
  9. After saving the translation ( the .po and .mo files )in languages folder, zip the nisargpro folder. When you zip nisargpro folder, you will get nisargpro.zip file.
  10. Now that your theme has been translated, you can upload it to your WordPress install either using FTP or by logging into your WordPress site and uploading your theme by going to Appearance > Themes > Install Themes (after you’ve zipped your theme (with new translation files), of course).