Welcome to the Neel theme documentation. These instructions briefly explain how to set up and configure all the theme features.

Theme Installation Guide

Theme Installation Guide
To utilize any of our themes, you’ll need to first install and activate them. The process is just like uploading a normal theme.

Navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Add New. In the search theme box, search for the Neel theme. Click on Install and once installed activate the theme.

For in-depth documentation about WordPress theme manual installation, read the official WordPress.org documentation.

Theme Customization Options

Benner Section

User can choose to add banner to the site’s frontpage and other pages. The banner can be image or simple color background banner with banner title, subtitle and a call to action button, post slider. The banner section also gives user different options to customize the banner section.

Banner Media

Banner Media/Header Image
If user has set banner type to image, then the image uploaded in media section will be displayed in site banner.

Banner Options

Banner Options
Banner Options
The banner options allows user to customize banner display. User can choose on the banner display page/post. User can select banner type from different available types. The section gives options to enter banner title, subtitle and button text. The banner title and subtitle display style can also be customized from this section. User can select the post category for the post slider banner type.
  1. Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Banner Section
  2. Go to Banner MediaSet your desired image for Image Bannersection.
  3. Click on Save to retain the selections.


Container Layout
The Layout section allows user to set the layout for the post, page and navigation container. Four different styles are available for container layout: one containe, simple container, boxed container and shadowed container



Typography section in customizer allows you to set font-family for

  • Body text
  • Headings

Five different google font options are available for the body and heading font family.


Color section in allows you to set color for the different components in the theme template.

Color Options

Allows you to set color for :

  • Site Header Text
  • Site’s Background
  • Accent Color

Theme Other Options

Theme Other Options
Neel theme has easy to customize theme options. With these customization options, the user can change the look and feel of the site.

Blog Page Options

Banner Options

This section allows you to customize Blog Page/Index Page. It has the following customization options:

User is given two choices. Whether to display post excerpt or full post on blog posts/posts index page.

User can also set length of the post excerpt displayed on the blog index page.

Social Menu Section

Social Menu Section
Social Menu Section

In the Social Menu section, users can set links to any four social media profiles. This social media menu will be added to the primary menu of the site.

Search box Options

Search box options
Using this option user can add a search button to the site’s top navigation menu.

User is also given an option to hide or display serch button on mobile devices.

Dark Mode Options

Dark Mode Options

This section has three differnt options.

  • Add Dark/Bright Mode Button in the primary menu.
  • Set Dark Mode as default color scheme.
  • Hide dark mode switch on small devices.

Widget Areas

Footer Widget Area

The user is provided with fourwidget areas to insert widgets. User has a sidebar widget area and three footer widget areas.

To insert widgets in this area:

  • Go to WordPress Customizer > Widget
  • Add New Widgets
  • Save the settings