Welcome to the Nisarg PRO theme documentation. These instructions briefly explain how to setup and configure all theme features.

Theme Installation Guide

In order to utilize any of our themes, you’ll need to first install and activate them. The process is just like uploading a normal theme.

Theme Installation Guide
Theme Installation Guide

Download the Nisargpro.zip file from the link given in your purchase receipt. Once you have downloaded the nisargpro.zip file, go to your WordPress website admin page and perform the following steps:

1.     Log in to the WordPress Administration Panels.
2.     Select the Appearance panel, then Themes.
3.     Select Add New.
4.     Use the Upload link in the top links row to upload a zipped copy of the Nisarg PRO(nisargpro.zip) theme that you have previously downloaded to your machine.
5.     Once the zip file gets uploaded to your website, click on Activate link to activate the theme.

For an in-depth documentation about WordPress theme manual installation, read the official WordPress.org documentation.

License Key Settings

License Key Settings

You will receive a license key along with your purchase confirmation. As long as it is active, this key allows you to get automatic updates for the purchased WordPress theme.
To license your theme :
1. Go to Appearance > Theme license.
2. Paste your license key in the textbox.
3. Save and activate license key and you’re done.

Theme Customization Options

Add Custom Logo

Add Custom Logo
Add Custom Logo

Replace the site title & tagline with a logo of your choice. If user uploads an image for the site logo, the logo will be displayed otherwise the site title and description will be displayed in top left corner of the site.

Typography Options

You can choose any font of your choice from more than 800+ Google Fonts for the heading and body text. You also have an option to choose font weight( normal/bold) for body and heading text.

Set the  font family and font weight of your choice for your website heading and body text by following steps:

  1.  Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Typography.
  2. Select font family of your choice for body text and headings from the dropdown selectors Body Font Family and Heading Font Family respectively.
  3. If font of your choice is not present in the font family dropdown selectors, you can add other google font of your choice. To add other google font, select Others in dropdown selector and add google font name in the following textbox. Enter Google Font name for the body/heading font, e.g. Source Sans Pro, exactly as spelled in the Google Fonts directory. You can preview Google Fonts here: Google Web Fonts.

Color Options

User is provided with unlimited color options to choose from for the accent color, background color , header text and header background.

To set colors for the above elements

  1. Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Colors
  2. Set your desired color for different elements.
  3. Click on Save to retain the selections.

Custom Header

User can set any image of his choice as header image. The header image can be of any size.  The recomended image size is 1600 X 400px.

To set the header image:

  1. Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Header Image
  2. Set your desired image for header elements.
  3. Click on Save to retain the selections.

Custom Background

User can set an image of his/her choice as website background image.

To set the background image:

  1. Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Background Image
  2. Set your desired image for website background.
  3. Click on Save to retain the selections.

Widget Areas

User is provide with six widget areas to insert widgets. User has sidebar widget area, widget area to insert advertisements/widgets at the end of the post on single post page or to display advertisement/widgets after every 5th post on blog posts listing page. User can also insert different widget in the footer widget areas.

Theme Other Options

Nisarg PRO has easy to customize theme options. With these customization options user can change look and feel of the site. User can customize site header, blog post layouts and details and site footer.

Blog Page Options

Blog page options section has many blog customization options to choose from.

User can select blog post listing style as Classic or Masonry. It also has an option to display full posts on the post listing page or only post excerpt. User can also set post excerpt length, hide/show post meta like date, author name and comments link.


Sidebar Options

Sidebar section of customizer allows user to set sidebar width and sidebar position. The user is given choice to set different sidebar positions for blog’s post listing page and single post page.

Footer Settings

User can set custom message for their site footer using this customizer option.

Add Search box

Using this option user can add search button to the site’s toppar navigation menu.

Post Formats

The theme supports posts formats like Standard, Image, Video, GalleryAudio, Quote, Link, Status and Aside You will see all post formats listed in the right sidebar of post editor. Select any of these to change a post to a specific post format, or just leave it as “Standard”.

  • Standard:Standard is the default post format in WordPress.
  • status – A short status update, similar to a Twitter status update.
  • aside – Typically styled without a title
  • Video: A post that has one, or several, videos can be set to post format Video.
    In video post format, video will be displayed instead of post’s featured image on blog page/post listing page.
  • Audio: A post that has an audio file or playlist. In audio post format, audio will be displayed instead of post featured image on  posts listing page.
  • Quote: To display a quoted block of text with attribution to a quote’s author, a post can be set to Quote format. Please enclose your quotes  inside quotation mark using (“) button in the post editor to display quotes in its special styling.
  • Gallery: If post contains Image Gallery, the post can be set to Gallery post format. In a Gallery post format, all images attached to the post as well as images of post gallery are displayed as grid of images in place of featured image on a blog/post listing page. When any image in image gallery is clicked, Nisarg PRO allows images of gallery to be displayed in Lightbox. To display images in Lightbox, while creating an image gallery, set  “Linked To” attribute  of Gallery Settings to “Media File” as shown in image below.
Create Image Gallery
Gallery Images Displayed in Lightbox
  • image – In image post format,  only the featured image will appear with post caption and post meta data will be displayed over the featured image.

To check the demo of post format visit the Nisarg PRO demo website here: Nisarg PRO demo

Page Templates

The theme comes with extra page templates other than default template. The page templates list includes page with left, right or without sidebar. The theme also include a page template named “Page with featured image”. This template allows user to display page’s featured image in-place of site’s header(/site hero) image. If user doesn’t set featured image for the page, the site’s header image will be displayed in-place of page’s featured image.

To change the page template of a page:

  1. Go to Pages menu in WordPress dashboard.
  2. Open the desired page in page editor.
  3. Go to Page Attributes section of the page editor and click on the Template drop down menu. Select the desired page template from the available choice.
  4. Click on Update.

Page Template  “Page With Featured Image” Demo :

Post Templates

The theme comes with three extra post templates like post with left sidebar, right sidebar and without sidebar. Using this option user can set different sidebar position for different posts.

To change the post template of a page:

  1. Go to Posts menu in WordPress dashboard.
  2. Open the desired post in post editor.
  3. Go to Post Attributes section of the post editor and click on the Template drop down menu. Select the desired page template from the available choice.
  4. Click on Update.